Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar

Once in a while it’s nice to treat our bodies with good and healthy food. So for last night’s dinner, I decided to eat at Hillside Cafe and Juice bar. And last night was a semi celebration cause I got my first pay. Woohoo. I’m officially employed.. again.. I think. haha 


Hillside Cafe + Juice bar restaurant sign that you’ll easily see along Mother Ignacia


It’s a cute and cozy restaurant. Excuse the lighting. It was really dark.


Hillside Greens Super Smoothie at P185. It’s a healthy treat for those who want to start drinking their greens. Friendly taste for “beginners” hehe. I’m used to drinking my pressed broccoli and malunggay so this was an easy drink for me. Sweet and delicious.


Soft Taco Beef at P245. The beef sirloin gave my feeble jaw a hard time. Not an easy chew for me. The taste was okay. Not outstanding for me.


Pan-seared Grass-fed Hanging Tender Steak at P495. This is to die for. Oh.. I still remember the first bite I had. Siiighh. It was so gooooood. 😀 The steak was well cooked to my liking. The pumpkin sour cream sauce tasted great too! Separately eaten or with the steak.  I wish I had a bigger stomach storage so I could have eaten more. hehe

Will definitely be back for their cold pressed juices and their desserts. Eating here made me want to be healthy again. Haven’t been too conscious of my food choices for the past weeks. 😐

More info:

57 Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City

Restuarant Hours: 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

Facebook page:

“…life is so endlessly delicious”

-Ruth Reichl 


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