Cops and Robbers, San Juan

I’ve been into exploring restaurants in San Juan for the past weeks so for last night’s dinner, I tried Cops and Robbers along Xavier St. It’s relatively easy to spot since it’s right in front of Xavier school (Duh, Rizza). The first time I heard about Cops and Robbers, I was expecting like a full blown themed restaurant– like that of Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Tokyo or Pizza Planet from Toy Story!!! Oops. Yeah.. I’m a sucker for themed restaurants since it’s my dream to own one! Okay, enough about my dreams in life. So going back to Cops and Robbers; it was a fairly simple “themed” restaurant. It had like a mini cellar and some drawing of some monster on the blackboard.


Here’s how the dining area looked like. It was spacious and visually appealing.. for lack of a better term. haha

For a new and somehow small restaurant, they have a relatively wide array of food choices. They have sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, rice meals, dessert, waffles, wings, beer, milkshake and a lot more (my parallelism sucks at the moment. Profuse apologies for that. haha)


Philly Cheese Steak at P175. It was okay. Not the best I’ve tasted but for it’s price, the taste was fair enough. I liked the homemade potato chips though.


Buffalo Wings at P145. They got the buffalo sauce right. I have this thing for buffalo wings sauces. It’s a hit or miss for me. They hit it but was just a bit salty. Which didn’t exactly blend well with the sauce.


Fried Oreos at P180. Who doesn’t love fried Oreos!!! you can never go wrong with this. Or maybe yes pala. haha but yup it was good. My only comment: Why use chocolate Oreos!! huhu I wanted the original flavor.

Next time i’ll try their burger, pizza, rice meals and iced tea.. LOL dami pala. Heard it was good.

More info:

81 Xavier Street, Green Hills, San Juan City (Across Xavier’s Sports Center)

Restaurant Hours: Mon-Fri 7am to 10pm; Sat & Sun 9am to 10pm

“…life is so endlessly delicious”

-Ruth Reichl 


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