Snippets of My Japan Trip

And I am back! after two years of not blogging.. I finally have the time to do this. I’ll try to be as consistent as possible. Though you can visit my Instagram account for more travel and food pictures. (handle: rizzadiaz).

Anyway, so I have a long list of places to blog about. But my laptop crashed and apparently, the oh-so-smart Rizza in me never backed pictures up since May 2014. IMAGIIINNNNEE!!! Still trying to recover whatever I can recover so let’s see.

So to start off.. I’ll be talking about my trip to Japan. Just some parts of it though. And I’m so sorry if I wont be much of help (only this time) in terms of directions, transportation and costs.. Cause you see.. I was with my family. And we took a guided tour all throughout our stay in Japan. Ya know, perks of traveling with the family. Hihi

Owakudani’s literal translation is “Great Boiling Valley”. It is a volcanic valley with sulphur vents where smoke seeps through. The smell of sulphur is prominent too especially when you’re nearing the hot springs.


Hiking up and down the hot springs.


Aside from the view and the volcanic activity, Owakudani is also popular for their Kura-Tamago or black eggs. These eggs are boiled in hot springs containing sulphur and iron making the eggs turn black and have this odd, distinct smell. Our tour guide, Cindy also said that eating one egg will add seven years to your life. Awesome! Here’s to living longer!


My sisters and I at the volcanic valley


It’s just vanilla. Nothing extraordinary. But its BLACK!! It made the experience better. haha

If you’re going to Mt. Fuji, better to visit Owakudani as well. Since it’s in the same area.. Almost. haha

So after Owakudani, we went to Mt. Fuji. It was foggy on the way up so we were praying that the skies would clear cause I know that I won’t be back anytime soon. I HAD TO SEE MT. FUJI WHATEVER HAPPENS. Lo and behold, the skies cleared for us.


Isn’t she beautiful? ❤

We also went to Tokyo Disneyland. It was crazy crowded and the the lines were just blah!!


Proof of how crazy it was


We fell in line anyways and rode the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Rollercoaster. It took us maybe around 4 hours.

Errr.. that’s just about it.. Since we were on a tour, the meals were not as outstanding. I’ll be back to experience the real Japanese food. And I’ll tell you about it. 😉

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”


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