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Candy’s Cafe, CDO

The modern victorian interior of Candy’s caught our attention while we were window shopping at Centrio Mall. How ironic though cause I really liked the look and the feel of the restaurant but when I was looking through my photos, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the place. nice one, Rizza. So this photo, I got from foursquare:


Photo by: Triportreats

photo 1

Spinach and Mushroom Cheese Dip (Php 255)- The dip is a combination of spinach, wild mushroom, mozzarella cheese, parmesan. Not outstanding for me. I think I can make a better dip at home. lol

photo 2

Chicken and Pesto (Php 238)- This dish did not satisfy my pesto craving. It had too much garlic that it over-powered the supposed natural taste of pesto.

photo 4

Frozen Brazo (I think.hehe)- the top part of the cake is good but the crust was bland. I didn’t even eat it.

Candy’s Cafe’s dishes didn’t really impress me. Presentation wise, it was good but taste was just.. mehh. On a more positive note, the ambience was good; cozy and comfortable.

Candy’s Cafe used to be located at Rosario Stripm Limketkai Center. But  their restaurant got affected by the recent bombing so they transferred to Centrio Mall, First level.


“…life is so endlessly delicious”

-Ruth Reichl 


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