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Del Monte Clubhouse, Bukidnon

We rented a car in CDO so we can go around the City and out. Our car rental is Php 3000 inclusive of gas. Anyway, one of the things we did on our second day is go to Del Monte located in Bukidnon. The Clubhouse is known for their steak and their unlimited pineapple juice.


Entrance of the clubhouse

photo 1

Mushroom soup- part of the set meal I ordered

photo 3

Porterhouse steak (Php 800 plus)- Juicy and tender. I don’t really like to put gravy on my steak cause it covers the natural taste of the steak. and the steak itself is already very flavorful. AND!! they serve the best bread! i love Del monte’s bread. It’s soft and buttery. ❤

photo 5

Fruit Platter (comes with the set)- This was weird cause the white thing poured over the fruits is MAYONNAISE. Not condensed milk, not cream. Ugh. I hate mayonnaise. *barf*


Beside the restuarant is a golf course so you can enjoy the view while eating.

“…Life is so endlessly delicious”
-Ruth Reichl

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