A not-so-adventurous trip in Cagayan de Oro

We arrived at the Benoni Port Camiguin at 12:00, the ship will depart at 12:30 so we were right on time. But anyway, there are hourly trips going to CDO so there’s no need to rush. Since Balingoan Port (CDO) was 2 hours away from the main city of Cagayan de Oro, we took a shuttle van that cost Php 100. Waaaay cheaper thanriding a taxi at Php 1700. The shuttle dropped us off at our hotel; Travelers Pod.



I’m really happy with our hotel. It was clean, it had a really good ambience and the staff were friendly. No breakfast though and they don’t sell alcoholic drinks. So if you’re the type who’d want to chill and drink at night, the nearest store that sells beer is at Petron which is a bit far but if you’re too lazy to walk, there’s Tanduay Ice and other hard drinks at Rose Pharmacy which is just beside Travelers Pod. Or just go to a bar/club.


The following day, we wanted to do ATV and Zorb so we went to Jatico Adventures. But it rained so hard that the Park decided to stop all activities. what is bad luck?


All our plans were ruined since it was raining hard. We planned to go to Catanico Falls but the driver said it was too dangerous to go there since the road will be slippery. Sigh. so we just went to Gardens of Malasag. We’re not sure what was there since it was last on our list.



Good thing there was a hanging bridge. I’ve always wanted to try to walk on one. This was an easy and at the same time hard one. Easy cause it wasn’t that high; approximately 10-15 feet. It was hard cause the metal steps were very slippery and the gaps between each metal were big. Also, the sides of the bridge wont really help me prevent from falling cause i can easily fit through it.


There’s also a pool. free use for those checked-in and Php 50 for visitors


The “houses” there are the cottages. This Eco park also welcome seminars and team buildings. Very spacious and with complete amenities.


Machahambus Cave- it’s just a simple cave leading to a nice view of the rapids. It’s for free but we gave tip to the guide cause he was too enthusiastic to take our photos.

Our CDO trip was a relaxed one. We didn’t raft since my dad didn’t allow me. LOLOL It was a much needed break to help me forget about the fast-paced life in Manila.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”


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