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Northern Lights, Camiguin

We were looking for the best place to eat in Camiguin since we’ve eating in our hotel for the past days and this is what Kuya Lito, our tour guide recommended: Northern Lights. I wonder why it’s called Northern Lights. I forgot to ask the waiters. awww.. Cause I know Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis/australis are “dancing lights” that can be found in Norway– one of my dream destinations. haaay..



Open-air and really nice ambience

photo 1

Red Curry Chicken (Php 200) Best curry chicken I’ve tasted. It was creamy and very flavorful! The green curry is spicier than the red

photo 2

Lechon Kawali (php 140)- Three words: Oily. Bland. Dry. I’ve tasted better ones. not worth Php 140.

photo 3

Garlic Butter Shrimp (Php 220)- Our waiter forgot to tell the chef that we ordered this so they gave us free rice. lol. But it was worth the wait. Oily but yummy. :>

We headed to the sand bar after eating. Full=Bloated stomach=no bikini. but i still wore my bikini. whatever. haha

“…Life is so endlessly delicious”
-Ruth Reichl


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