Summer in August: Camiguin 2013

The long awaited trip to Camiguin has finally arrived. I’ve researched a lot about how to go there from CDO to avoid wasting time and money but apparently things still didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be.

But before I talk about my Camiguin experience, let me first share the hell i’ve been through at NAIA terminal 3. This was during typhoon Maring. As usual, Cebu Pacific couldn’t think of ways to make their passengers ordlerly for check-in.


As usual no lines and no one to assist plus the security for cebu pacific was already tired and pissed so I found her useless

Our flight was delayed so we arrived around 7:30am. We rode a taxi going to Macabalan Port (Port nearer CDO; taxi fare: Php600) and arrived the port at around 8:10 just in time for the 8:30 departure– or so I thought. Apparently, their cut off for selling tickets is at 7:40 am. No choice, we went to Balingoan Port (2 hours away from CDO; taxi fare: Php 1700). We should have just went there directly since they have hourly trips to Camiguin.  There are buses going to Balingoan Port but, we chose convenience over saving money thus, we rode a taxi.

The fare is Php 174 per person and it takes approximately an hour to reach Benoni Port (Camiguin Port)


View from the Ship

When we arrived,  we got a milti-cab (like a mini jeep). They’re everywhere so transferring to your hotel won’t be a problem. multi-cab costs Php 450 from Benoni Port to our hotel (Camiguin Island Golden Sunset Beach Club). Almost all multi cabs offer tours. If you want to tour Camiguin, tell the driver to pick you up the folllowing day for the tour. The tour is Php 1700.


Front of our hotel. Our hotel costs Php 2000 per night… not bad right?

We rested for a couple of hours cause we planned to go to the white island; which was 7 mins away from our hotel. BUT!! we were so tired we woke up at 9:00pm. LOL

The following day, our driver picked us up at 9:00am for our Camiguin tour. First stop



It’s just stairs going up to the volcano.We didn’t bother to climb all the way up cause it seemed an unpopular volcano.


Second stop- The famous Sunken Cemetery. There’s nothing really spectacular here. but I guess it’s a must-see when you’re in Camiguin.



Third stop- Old Church Ruins. When I visit church ruins, the first thing I want to know is the reason why it was destroyed (war maybe?)and next, the significance of the church to our culture. Apparently, this church was destroyed by a volcano and this was a town church.. oh well.. took pictures since we’re here already.



Fourth Stop- Bura Soda Swimming Pool- It seemed interesting to swim in a pool with soda water. But when we got there it was like a noraml pool. disappointing. not worth the Php 20 entrance fee. LOL



Fifth Stop- Sto Nino Cold Spring- I was so excited for this stop cause this will be the first time I’ll be going to a spring. When i got there, it’s like a pool. disappointing. unless all springs are supposed to look like this? Please enlighten me. haha


I took a dip anyways for the sake of experiencing it.


This is our boat to the White Island. Our receptionist was the one who called them. Youjust have to tell the front desk what time you’ll be picked up. “Roundtrip” fare going to the island is Php 540. Kuya will wait for you there.



It’s so beautiful and serene here! I should have stayed here the whole day!!


A vacation wouldn’t be complete without a jumpshot. hehe

Over-all, I liked my Camuguin trip cause of the company of the people I was with. not really the places we visited.LOL well except for the sand bar, of course.:)

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”


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