A Special Night at Village Tavern

Tonight is a good night to celebrate life and how wonderful it is to live. Let’s just say that God has given me so many blessings for the past days.  This is the day that will mark my positivity and love for life.:)

Why celebrate at Village Tavern? hmm.. good question. I guess it was just a random choice. haha



Village Tavern serves American food. They offer rustic whole wheat flatbreads, seafood dishes, juicy burgers, gourmet sandwiches, Pureland Black Angus beef trimmed and aged with precision and decadent desserts. (Village Tavern Menu)


Tavern (Php 475) -Perfect combination of homemade tomato sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, hamburger, onions, mozerella cheese


10 Spiced Glazed Salmon (Php 595)- served with rice pilaf, broccoli, red pepper and roasted almonds


Banana Crepes (Php 395) We were looking for the crepe cause it didn’t look like the normal ones served in crepe stores. Guess where the crepe is “hidden”? It’s wrapped around the banana ice cream. haha for me this was too sweet given that it’s also surrounded and drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce and the only thing to neutralize the sweetness was the crepe but was too little. I enjoyed it anyways. haha

I liked our server, Sheryl by the way. She was attentive. haha

Bonifacio High Street Central
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City Philippines
P: 632.621.3245

“…Life is so endlessly delicious”
-Ruth Reichl

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