Once Upon A Time at Maple

After almost a year, I finally met with my JTA friends  aka Paris Girls in Shangri-la. We were deciding whether to eat at Spaetzle or Maple. Since I’ve eaten at Spaetzle already, I secretly manipulated their minds so we could eat at Maple. lol kidding. They asked me where I wanted so I said Maple. hahaha


Their menu is so cute. It’s like a children’s book… oh wait I think that’s really the point. To make it like a children’s book. The titles are cute too:

Prologue: Aperitifs (Drinks), Chapter One- A New Day is Dawning (All-day breakfast), Chapter Two- Hunger Awakens (Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Sandwiches), Chapter Three- Wish Becomes Reality (Pasta, Entrees), Chapter Four (Fairy Tale Endings (Dessert)


Prime Rib Tapa (Php 520) I’ve never had tapa that’s not sliced into small pieces so this was something new for me. Tasted like the traditional tapa though.


Sunrise, Sunset (Php 390) -Delicious buttermilk pancake stuffed with grilled cheese and canadian ham, drizzled with buttery holandaise sauce and topped with bacon and sunny side up egg. I only had a few bites. I wanted more cause it was sooooo good. but it wasn’t my order. hahaha so I controlled myself from getting more. LOL I shall order this next time.


The Maple Summer Catch (Php 520)- served with texas summer vegetables and orzo pasta. Yes, that’s not rice. That’s pasta. It was seasoned lightly so you can really taste the goodness of the salmon.


Chocolate Milkshake (Php 175)- Classic milkshake to semi-end your meal. Cause they have good desserts too! so you shouldn’t stop at this.


Croughnut Ala Mode (Php 180 with ice cream) -People say it’s better than Wildflour’s cronut. I haven’t tasted Wildflour’s yet. But this sure is mouthwatering.


Bourbon Bread Pudding (Php 220)- Traditional American pudding with vanilla ice cream. Almost everything finished by Raz and I. That only means one thing: Delicioso!


It’s always fun meeting with you guys! I enjoyed reminiscing our crazy adventures in Europe. Next stop: KOREA! October 2014!!! BOOK IT!

For More info about Maple here’s their Facebook page:

Located at: L/GL Shangri-La Plaza, East Wing, EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

“…Life is so endlessly delicious”
-Ruth Reichl

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