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Experiencing Paris and Italy at Gustav Cafe, Pampanga

Welcome to Paris! …not. Anything Eiffel Tower excites me a lot! Even though this is far from the original, this can suffice for the meantime.


My officemate’s friends brought us to this Paris-inspired restaurant in Angeles, Pampanga. It’s a bit confusing though cause the supposed theme of Gustav Cafe is France, but the food that they serve is focused on Italian.



It’s a cozy cafe inside; not too noisy and not too quiet. I wanted to bring home that Eiffel Tower picture. but it’s too big to discreetly steal it. lol

My food pictures are all close-up cause we were too hungry that i forgot to take pictures of them first. hehe


Gustav White Pizza (Php 270)- White sauce pizza with mushroom, spices and cheese. This was a bit bland. But i liked how it was creamy and cheesy.


Gustav Pizza Viande (Php 285)- Red sauce pizza with pepperoni, sausages and mozzerela cheese. This had more flavor than the white pizza. Good for meat lovers like me.


Steak Ala Gustav (Php 297)- Tenderloin steak topped with bernaise sauce and mushrooms. This was surprisingly good considering the price. Pardon for the not-so-appealing picture.


Spicy Gambasetti (Php 190)- Not really a fan of tomato-based pastas but this would definitely be a part of my top 10 favorite tomato-based pastas. haha


Red Velvet Cake (Php130/slice) Cake sprinkled with red coconut bits. It blended well with the cake in all fairness. But the white icing wasn’t cream cheese. It was just whip cream so it disappointed me bit.

Just a fact, I read in one website that the this Cafe was named after the tower’s engineer: Gustave Eiffel. Cool. I didn’t know that.

No Website for Gustav Cafe but it’s located at McArthur Highway, Angeles City, Balibago Pampanga.

“…Life is so endlessly delicious”
-Ruth Reichl

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