A Tea Party Despedida

My officemates and I wanted to give a memorable depedida for our manager, Ms. Gayle. Thorugh the course of planning, we divided ourselves into committees to make things easy and efficient. I was assigned as program head, others food and others decors. The real challenge, actually was transforming a stiff and dull conference room into something radiant and fancy. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


Buffet table 1.

The splash of colors represents Ms.Gayle’s happy and bubbly personality.  Just so you know, all the decorations were handmade by us. well fine.. mostly by my officemates cause apparently I’m not too talented when it comes to these things. They even called me “the master of disaster”– just cause i couldn’t fold the circle thingies properly okay!


All these goodies were baked by my officemate, Apple Santiago


L-R: Oreo covered with chocolate, Red velvet cupcakes, marshmallows (duh)

Buffet table 2. Tuna empanada, Sandwiches and corndogs


As for our drink, Lemonade juice in mason jars! with striped paper straws. Cheers!


All smiles for a new chapter in your life, Ms. Gayle! We’re all happy, proud and excited for your future! Always stay positive! Your light of sunshine have inspired all of us. Until we meet again.


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