Dinner with Dad at Restaurante Pia y Damaso

At least once or twice a week, my dad picks me up from work and we eat out. Last night, we ate at Restaurante Pia y Damaso. 😀

The restaurant is inspired by the famous  novel Noli Me Tangere. This was actually the reason why I wanted to try it out. I was a fan of Noli Me Tangere back in highschool. hmm..maybe not a fan, but I enjoyed studying the novel.



 The menu was a bit overwhelming. There were so many to choose from starters to salad to pasta to sandwhiches and a lot more! As usual, I was undecided. So I let my dad choose what we’ll eat. heehee

photo 4Nga Nga Beef Salad (Php 250)- The name’s but it’s not “nganga” as in “open your mouth” but it’s nganga the betel nut chew mentioned in the novel. So basically, you put all these: mango, haw flakes (weird at first but it blended well with the rest of the elements)  cilantro, onions, sweet beef flakes in a lettuce and wrap it up like a nganga.

photo 5

Paella Valenciana (Php 450)- Sauteed organic rice with chicken, pork, prawns, mussels, fish chorizos and fish


Salvi ‘s Canonigo (Php 100)- Fluffy meringue with caramel sauce, cream and mangoes. They had a lot of other good desserts but I was too full. The names are quite interesting too- Pepay the dancer’s halo halo, Sisa’s Dimentia, Ibarra’s Kiss


My dad and I  😀

For more info about Restaurante Pia y Damaso here’s their Fb page:

“…Life is so endlessly delicious”
-Ruth Reichl

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