Grams Diner at Fort

Planned to go to Mercato for dinner but it seemed closed and umm lonely..? It didn’t have the same vibe as before. So anyway, we chose to eat at Grams Diner instead.


I liked how the restaurant looked–classy, with all the lights. But I realized it’s not how diners usually look like?


The Quest for the Medallions- didn’t meet my expectations.:| it was hard and it tasted bland


Wow Salpicao (Php 235)- this tasted better but still not as good

Maybe we ordered the wrong food. I don’t know. But I’ll give Grams Diner another chance. Haha Next time I’ll order their pancakes.. Heard it was good.

For more info about Grams Diner, visit their Facebook page


“…Life is so endlessly delicious”
-Ruth Reichl

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