JTA aka Eurotrip 2010 Part III

..Part III


Tours and Amboise


We had a 3-day “break” from school so we decided to go to Tours, France and Amboise, France. Fine, we didn’t have a break. We were absent but we asked permission from Mary (our very pretty receptionist/secretary).. ANYWAY, we took the train going to Tours. The trip took about 2 hours from Paris to Tours (according to We went to both of these cities since both were near castles we wanted to visit: Chenonceau, Ambois and Cheverny


For me, it was exciting to visit these castles cause the lords and serfs that I used to study back when I was in high school in my World History class lived here!! It’s just really cool to visit historical places such as these cause I never imagined that in this lifetime I’d have that kind of opportunity. <upper right picture> yup! that’s Leonardo da vinci’s tomb!

Château du Clos Lucé (Amboise, France)- Leonardo Da Vinci’s House


It was a pleasure visiting Leonardo Da Vinci’s last home. I was in his bedroom, in his chapel, in his kitchen, in his dining room and I was able to touch his fabulous inventions and machines!!!!! Aahhh yup, still excited! haha

Chartres and Levesville La Chenard


I’m already in France, so why not go to Chartres and Levesville? both places play a very important role in the history of my primary and secondary school, St. Paul. Yup, I am a Paulinian. Ever since grade one, we’ve been studying, our school’s founder Pere Louis Chauvet and the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres. I only saw pictures of Levesville in powerpoint presentations, and also in St. Paul museums but never in my life have I thought that I’d visit the church, the place where our school’s founder lived and taught. It’s just amazing how I’ve studied the history of our school for about 10 years and finally, I was able to set foot on that same, exact location!!!!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”
Helen Keller


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