JTA aka Eurotrip 2010 Part II

…Part II



My HARRY POTTER experience


So here’s the story, my family and the Paris Girls planned to go to the harry potter premier but unfortunately we received a call from my aunt that my lolo died so my family had to go back to manila ASAP. I didn’t want to go to London anymore but my sister, a Harry Potter fan insisted that I go (for her). So I did. Our (paris girls) flight was the night before the premier but since we were all so slow, we missed our flight to London. haha When we tried to rebook, there was only one ticket left, the other tickets were scheduled after the premier. Since they all love me so much, they let me take the last ticket.

..and so my adventure begins.. I flew to London alone. It was my first time to fly alone so I was really nervous. I took the taxi but then the taxi didn’t know where Leicester Square was so he just dropped me off in a random place. Good thing it was an english speaking country; no language barrier to worry about. I took the metro and walked to the premier venue. I asked random strangers how to get in the red carpet area. they said i can’t. I didn’t go all the way to London not to see the harry potter cast! NO WAY!

Luckily i saw this very small opening; good enough for my small body to fit and good thing the police didn’t see me. haha YUP! I made it inside the red carpet area!!=) When the cast walked on the red carpet, people started to push me towards the back of the crowd. I still had my suitcase with me so it was really hard to squeeze in. You know what i did? I got all my valuables put it in my pocket and left my suitcase unattended. I squeezed my way through the crowd until i reached the front. I saw Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Ron Weasley, JK Rowling! too bad I didn’t see Tom Felton. 😦

After the Premier, I was trying to contact Razelle and Golda cause we were supposed to meet as soon as they arrived London. As usual, their phones were turned off. I was starting to panic cause they were the ones who booked the hostel for us. I didn’t know where and how to get there. It was getting late and I had no place to stay. I went inside a restaurant to eat dinner and contacted my sister who was in manila to help me look for a hostel (i didn’t have internet access). I was on the verge of crying then suddenly i remembered raz mentioned a “generator something” before I left Paris. I asked the staff if they knew a generator hostel. LUCKILY there was such thing as a generator! I walked to that hostel and saw my friends at the reception! WHAT IS PERFECT TIMING!!!!! ❤


When we were going around the city I still couldn’t believe my eyes cause I only saw London in movies! I imagined that I was Hallie from the Parent Trap. HAHA I love London! I’m definitely going back!!! oh and.. I love British boys! ❤ haha aside from the fact that they have the British accent, they’re all really courteous.. well at least those that we’ve met. 😉




We were supposed to stay in Edinburgh for at least 2 days but we had classes the following day. We wanted to cut our classes but we were required to go back since we’ll have our military training in Provence (sparate entry for this). Our Edinburgh experience was a different one. We climbed a mountain! I didn’t know about that plan cause kim was the one in charge for planning. I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity so I agreed. I was wearing high heeled boots by the way.

We were too lazy to take the normal route cause it was too long. We saw this person taking a different route; it seemed shorter and easier so we followed him. Half way up the mountain, the cemented pathway/trail was gone and all that was left were rocks and grass. we couldn’t go back cause it was too dangerous. We also realized that the person we were following was a professional mountaineer cause he started to bring out his mountain gears. uh-oh! YES! I panicked again! we weren’t mountain climbers! how were we supposed to reach the top without any help from professionals? We decided to just continue our “journey” until we find the pathway up and down for non -pro climbers. I was literally crying cause i was so scared that if anything happened to us, our lives will be over. haha and I was in HIGH HEELS! I had higher chances of tripping! We were able to find the cemented pathway and made it back down safely. Thank God! :>


Barcelona- second entry (a year ago)



We joined the walking tour since we didn’t have the time to plan our itinerary. I enjoyed the tour but I enjoyed the shopping more. haha When you wanna shop, Madrid is the place to be! :> Try visiting LEFTIES. It’s like an outlet of old zara stuff.. but still very good quality and of course a lot cheaper.




It was a struggle going to Italy. Our train got delayed for 15 hours cause of the snow storm so we weren’t able to go to florence anymore. 😦 Like London, I only saw Rome in movies so I was really excited!!!!! oh not only movies, history books too! The only good thing about visiting Rome during the winter season is that there were no lines at all. there were a lot of people but not like May/April.



I went to Macau a couple years back and we stayed in the Ventian hotel. It was something like Venice. BUT THIS IS THE REAL THING! Venice is such a beautiful city!!! and it’s really different from all the cities cause they have boat taxis, boat metro. it’s so cool! haha I suggest you go to Venice soon! cause I heard the city might sink cause of the heavy rains/ global warming.. hopefully it’s not true. 😦

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”
Helen Keller


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