Junior Term Abroad aka Eurotrip 2010

I really miss travelling and I’m so jealous of my cousin and my mom who just arrived from Europe. I can’t really do anything to feel better so I’ll just relive my JTA experience.

I’ve actually planned on blogging my 2010 Junior Term Abroad (JTA) experience. Yup, it’s been a looooong time. I’ve already started with Barcelona and Nurnberg. but I’m just really lazy to make individual entries for all the countries/cities I’ve been to.  So i’ve been delaying it. but I have decided that during this long weekend, I will finish all entries related to JTA so I can move on with my other pending entries. haha

Just a background: JTA is an exchange student program of the Ateneo. We had the option to choose which school we wanted so I chose to study at Management Institute of Paris. I stayed in Paris for 4 months with other Ateneans, Anna, Raz, Kim, and Golda (known as the Paris Girls) and studied International Management.

So here’s a SUMMARY of my/our adventure in Europe:


Oktoberfest. Munich


Lucky that we were able to go to the last weekend of Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest in Germany sure is different from the oktoberfest celebration here in the Philippines. Also their beer tastes different! Cause I’m not really a fan of alcohol but I drank a lot. Don’t know, alcohol in Germany tastes good. 😉 We had so much fun, we cut our accounting class the following day cause we didn’t want to go back to Paris yet. hahaha ..yup, I got drunk. Don’t tell my mom. hahaha

*more pictures of other German cities I visited in the next posts





Bruges is like a mini Venice. It also has Canal boat rides that tour you around the city and the houses look like the houses in Venice.. or is this just my own opinion? haha I love how almost every street we go to there are chocolate stores; and for a chocolate lover, that’s really mesmerizing! Of course, we wouldn’t miss entering the chocolate museum; everything you need to know about chocolate is there and their souvenir shop is so cool; everything chocolate! ❤ Oh and when you visit Bruges, buy form Pralinette! they have the best pralines!!!




Wasn’t really a fan of Brussels.. Or maybe cause we didn’t really do anything there. But whatever, the fact that we bought lots of chocolates made the trip worth it. Missed travelling with my family. Yup, my family visited me in Paris and we decided to go to Brussels for a day trip. 🙂




Geneva is a small city in Switzerland. We were able to walk around the city for just one whole day. Next to chocolates, I’m in love with CHEESE so it was a must to try their famous Swiss cheese fondue. Kim didn’t like it cause the taste was too strong. I loved it. That’s the beauty of cheese yung lasang amag na ewan. haha I didn’t really research anything about Geneva. That’s kim’s job. haha So when we arrived, kim was taking pictures of this particular fountain.. in my mind I was like “Why does she want a photo with the fountain? It’s just a fountain in the middle of a lake!” when we went to the souvenir shop, I saw pictures of the it in post cards, magnets, placemats, etc. apparently it was something Geneva is known for; we had to go back so I, too can have photos with it. haha The flower clock is also known as a tourist attraction. From what i remember, they change the flowers every week.





I really appreciated Prague when we joined the walking tour. If I’m not mistaken, we chose the castle tour since most of our friends who went to Prague said it was a different experience. The castles were really far from the main area so we had to walk all the way to the top of the city. It was really tiring plus it was cold! 😦 But the places are all so beautiful. But I think this type of walking tour is for the youth not for umm.. old people. haha no, really!




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