Bacolod Trip

Booked our flight to Bacolod 2 months before October at Airphil so we had a really good deal; roundtrip ticket for Php 2600!! =) I was supposed to blog this a year ago but i was too lazy. But since I’m in a mission to really fix my blog, I’m starting with this. It’s also a way to re-live my Bacolod experience since I won’t be back anytime soon cause of work. 😐 

ImageBj, Tricia and I with our “sundo”. Good thing Tricia’s relatives were from Bacolod so we were treated like VIPs. 

ImageWe were introduced to the mayor during the inter-school dance competition. 

ImageImageAwesome awesome dance numbers by different schools. also got the chance to borrow one of their costumes. heehee The mask was heavy!! i wonder how they’re able to dance with those things!!

ImageFooling around Lacson Street. Lacson street is the place if you want to hang-out with your friends, eat, drink and listen to music. but since we’re really not the type who’d drink, we didn’t stay too long.

ImageImageImageImageThe next day, we went fishing at Palmas del Mar. It was not really the fishing experience I was expecting since the fishing area was just a medium-sized pond. plus we scared all the fishes away so I wasn’t able to get catch any. Tricia, swam after but I didn’t; I wasn’t prepared. :))

ImageImageImage(i can’t seem to rotate this image. yup i’m stupid when it comes to technology)

We went to a milling factory to see how sugar canes were processed. Not everyone can go in the factory but since we had.. umm.. connections (haha) we were allowed to. 😉

Imageat the mayor’s office. 🙂 We took a picture outside the hearing room. it was so cool cause there was a judge inside. 😉

ImageWatched the Masskara queen then ate at Felicia’s. THEIR STEAK WAS REALLY DELICIOUS!!!!! :”)

ImageI love this picture with my bff, Tricia. ImageImageWe hiked to the Seven Fall of Mambukal but only reached one cause they said it was dangerous. On the way back, we trespassed to get in a sugar cane farm. haha trespassed talaga? =)) ang cool kasi eh.

ImageSomeone threw his ice cream cup into the pond. I JUST HAD TO GET IT! I CAN’T TOLERATE LITTERING! =(ImageFish feeding time. Cool lang ng activities namin eh. :))

ImageCHICKEN HOUSE! it was rather commercialized but their chicken was still good. one of the best chicken inasals i’ve tasted so far.

ImageImageTo celebrate our last night in bacolod, we went to a shipping shiz of fertilizers. haha how awesome can we get? hahaha kidding. We actually spent our night eating at cake at CALEA. for our stay in Bacolod, I ate a total of 4 cakes. hahaha talk about pigging out. 

ImageTime to say good bye! Til next time bacolod!


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”
Helen Keller


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