Barcelona, Spain

The second entry should be about Paris since it’s the first country we “visited” but then again, I lived there for 4 months and I have a lot to say about that place so I’ll reserve it for last or something. i’ll have to think about it.

So first: Barcelona, Spain

This trip was kind of unexpected cause the day before we were supposed to leave, our flight got cancelled. so obviously, we didn’t plan anything and we didn’t pack. but on the day of our flight, ryanair announced that it wasn’t cancelled anymore. sooo we had to cut our English class and rush to the airport which was 2 hours away from Paris!

We took RyanAir from Paris to Beauvais Airport and took the train from Beauvais to Barcelona. It was such a hassle since the airport is 2 hours away from Barcelona. We thought we had a good deal flying RyanAir but the train to Barcelona was expensive.

we first went to a shopping market and bought clothes and random stuff. and immediately went  to La Sagrada Familia. we didn’t enter the church anymore since it was expensive… fine it wasn’t.:)) 12 Euros. but we just didn’t feel like entering. Seeing the church from the outside was already enough. We took the tourist bus since we don’t know where else to go. it’s 24 euros but worth it.



we went to Park Gruel after but just a warning, it’s not an ordinary park since you have to climb all the way up to reach the actual Park. We weren’t ready for that but it was all worth it cause the view was AWESOME!!:)

We chilled at a fountain near a Cathedral (forgot the name though). Meteor Garden shot a few episodes here. heehee.;)

We took the last train going back to Beauvais and flew back to Paris at 4am. It was a really tiring trip since we only  had 1 full day to explore Barcelona. but nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

a few reminders though, bring and apply SUNBLOCK please! the sun’s gonna burn your skin if you don’t. And learn basic Spanish. their dialect there is Catalan but learning basic Spanish would still be helpful.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”
Helen Keller


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